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Home > Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes


Plastic Pallet Boxes, Vented walls and Bottom

Used for handling and storage of fruits and vegetables (CFIA). For aeration and freezing.


Plastic Pallet Boxes, Solid walls and Bottom

For food industries (CFIA), agriculture, manufacturing and industrial sectors.


Nestable Plastic Pallet Boxes, Solid walls and Bottom

Used in food industries for handling, storing and transporting food or industrial products


Folding-wall Pallet Boxes

Transport or storage applications. Used to save floor space when empty (disassembled).


Insulated Plastic Pallet Boxes

Insulated plastic bins. CFIA approved tubs. Great to keep contents fresh. One of the most


Custom Plastic Pallet Boxes

Custom made
Heightened or shortened bins
Lengthened and much more...


Pallet Boxes Options and Accessories