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depend on good planning and accurate management
of your spaces and resources.

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We take the time to analyze your needs and your reality in order to find the right equipment

Benefit from our expertise and our judicious advice to obtain concrete results on a daily basis:

  • Organize your work areas and gain floor space in your warehouses, picking areas and shipping docks
  • Protect and facilitate the handling of loose, bulk or non-palletized products
  • Easily move and transport your merchandise in tight spaces, elevators or small doors
  • Improve the organization and display of your product to quickly access the parts you need
  • Ensure the safety of your employees; avoid rusty nails, splinters and contaminations
  • Preserve the good condition of your food and industrial merchandise when handled or stored
  • Reduce part breakage, hassle and expenses associated with replacing them
  • Reduce your transportation costs by maximizing the loading of your trucks
  • Reduce your expenses; acquire durable and reusable equipment that will last for several years

You deserve
the best …

To work efficiently, without worry and in harmony with all types of products

With our great selection of equipment intended for handling and warehousing of edible, industrial or chemical products, you get:

  • Compliance with environmental, industrial, chemical and food regulations
  • Easy and safe sanitation facilitating the reuse of equipment
  • Guaranteed profitability due to a long service life of our equipment
  • Equipment better adapted to wet, cold, hot, chemical or outdoor environments

Designed to optimize your spaces, your logistics and your transport:

We offer you effective solutions to simplify the daily handling of your products in different areas of your plant or during their expeditions:

  • Robust and durable equipment specially designed for multiple round trips
  • Economical equipment for exporting or for one-way shipping
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By your side

Agrico Plastics; your # 1 partner for your storage and handling solutions

Since 1980, we have been assisting and advising several big names in the industrial sector and distribution centers.
We have developed with them efficient logistic solutions that are perfectly adapted to their reality, offering them today, a better performance. With the right equipment in hand, we know how to optimize supply chains: warehousing, handling, loading, unloading, shipping and transporting products of all kinds.

Much more than a supplier, we are front-line consultants, specialists in plastic equipment.
We know which plastic equipment is best designed to handle, transport or store the industrial or food products you have on site. We can assist you in the selection of this equipment that best suits your application: for a conveyor, assembly line, warehouse, stock room, processing room, refrigerator, racking system, etc. We can really help you optimize your plant and make your daily operations more profitable. Tell us about your objectives and receive propositions adapted to your reality.

We have the expertise and a human approach.
First of all, it is the listening and the understanding of your objective that is important to us. We take the time to evaluate your need from all angles to determine the ultimate solution that will optimize your processes. It’s our philosophy to come up with smart, effective and sustainable solutions.

Benefits of plastic

The + of PLASTIC equipment compared to WOOD and stainless steel

  • Non-porous material resistant to insects, bacteria, fungi, chemicals, solvents, soaps and pathogens
  • Hygienic and easy to wash by hand or by pressure washer, can be disinfected
  • Inert to wetness, do not rust and do not absorb water
  • Their weights, load capacities and dimensions remain invariable
  • Safe and ergonomic, smooth surfaces without nails or splinters
  • Large selection of equipment available in many colors, sizes and capacities
  • Robust, reusable for years and fully recyclable at end of their service life
  • Ideal for exportation, meet all regulations
  • More attractive colours and aspects, improve your corporate image
  • Marketing tool: you can advertise and spread your brand with equipment that reveals your colors, logo and business

With our plastic

  • You meet food and safety standards
  • You work more efficiently
  • You save money

The right product for you

Discover our selection of products intended to improve handling and storage

Our solutions can easily be integrated in your current processes and improve your operations. They are designed to increase your operational efficiency, make things easier for your employees, reduce the cost of moving your merchandise and give you a return on investment.

With us, you will no longer have to browse catalogues and websites of many suppliers, we can save you time by making the selection with you!


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