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Home > Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers

Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers

Industrial pallet boxes made up of a solid bin molded to a pallet and comprising 2 access doors on the long sides and 4 random-pattern foldable walls.
Designed to:  

These sturdy bulk containers provide excellent content protection. They are ideal to ship quickly or store parts; they unify the loads to be moved and provide a direct presentation of parts to an assembly line. These large containers firmly stacked on top of each other, folded or unfolded. Based on standard footprint 40 "x 48" or 45 "x 48" these bins are designed for heavy-duty uses and are built to move efficiently any kind of dry material and ship it quickly. These plastic boxes are fully recyclable at the end of their lives.   



Industrial folding pallet boxes

Folding walls, access doors. For transportation or storage. Space economy.


FDA Folding pallet boxes

Folding walls, fabricated from FDA compliant materials.

Dollies dor folding pallet boxes

Collapsible Bulk Containers Options and Accessories

Available Options: dollies, lids and identification.