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Industrial sector

Since we have a large variety of robust multifunctional and durable product line we are able to service the totality of the industrial sector for there need in storage, handling, expedition/receiving of merchandise. The use of our equipment will help you save on cost, time and energy due to the resistance, durability, manoeuvrability and efficiency.

To maximise space, secure parts and personnel, increase productivity and obtain maximum return. Call us today one of our specialist will assist you in choosing the product that will service you best. A sure return on your investment.

Food industry and there derivatives

Many of our products are being used in all sectors of the food industry. The meet with all government norms wither they are provincial or federal such as CFIA, MAPAC, FDA, HACCP, or USDA.

The main reason for their use is cost compare to stainless steel. Also they are durable and easy to maintain. We commit ourselves to supply you with the best materiel handling solution for your needs in your domain such as meat transformation (chicken, beef or pork), the fishing industry (fish, sea food and shellfish). Our solutions will solve your requirement meeting with federal norms.

We also supply other sectors such as bakery, confectionery, cheese producer, butcher shops, chocolate and candy producers, nuts and dry fruits and agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables.

Optimum freshness of foods products, a prolonged conservation, a faster and more efficient freezing process and a lower purchasing and operation cost are key elements in obtaining optimum result and less food waste. It is important for us to make sure you are well informed of the products available in your activity sector in order to maximise your operation. Inform yourself, you are but a phone call away.


Working closely with you engineering department helps us in developing and conceiving made to measure equipment to protect aircraft engine parts during production. The reason is to eliminate rejects due to mishandling storage or during shipping of parts.

Using our specialised equipment will help you minimise damaged parts prevent you from having to replace them saving you time and money. The return on investment is immediate and long term.

We also supply standard equipment such as containers, plastic pallets, floor slats, "Metro" shelving and carts, tanks and other standard carts of all kind, pallet boxes and maintenance equipment all maximising productivity and efficiency at your service weather your requirements are specific or unique.

For the last 30 years we are privileged partners with large and small firms in the aeronautical sector. We are happy to put our knowledge and expertise at your service weather your requirements are specific or unique.

Distribution centers

Material handling and storage are keys elements in your profitability. We propose integrated, flexible, accessible and perfectly adapted to your dally stock inventory privileged partner with distribution centers. We are key element in optimizing there supply chain (loading and unloading, receiving and shipping, storage and handling.)

Our creative solutions easily integrate your process will inevitably improve your operation. We will offer you the best solutions to improve your operational efficiency, reduce cost in stock displacement and allow you an interesting return on investment.


Featuring a large variety of multifunctional, durable and robust plastic material handling equipment such as trays, containers, clothing shelf, dumping, maintenance carts and plastic pallets to name but a few, we play an important role in supplying the hospital sector.

Some of our products easily replace stainless steel at a much lesser cost and still is durable and efficient. They are easy to maintain and are sterilizable, they nest to maximise space when stored or transported. This is the reason all department such as kitchen, laundry, laboratory, waste use our products.

Chemical industries

Since security is a must in your sector of activity we propose a wide range of products used for handling or storage of chemicals. Made of durable, light plastic and easy to manipulate. They are resistant to low or high temperatures, they also can be sterilising to prevent skin contact with hazardous products.

They allow you to work with and store securely chemical products. Some or our products are nestable, stackable or dismantle to reduce space for storage or transport being less expensive than stainless steel. They provide a good alternative combine to our everyday use by their many possibilities. Our equipment’s are an economical solution to reduce operating cost and obtain a more efficient return on investment. Call to start optimising your operations today.

Restaurant, hotels and institutions

Controlled by MAPAQ restaurants must rigorously respect provincial norms established for hygiene and public health to prevent costly fine after inspection.

Our wide range of plastic equipment will help you conform to established norms light, easy to maintain and low cost. Our equipments are the answer for many of our existing customers.

Our equipment designed to resist to bacteria and fungus can be disinfected and sterilised since they are resistant to chemical products and high temperature.

Optimising food freshness, prolonging conservation, a more efficient freezing process reduce cost of operation are but a few advantages offered to your business.


Being innovative with solution adapted to specific needs of our customer we became partners with many pharmaceutical firms.

Our equipment approved FDA and CFIA respect all government norms. We are certain to offer efficient and secured equipment to optimise handling and storage of particular or standard products.

Our equipment are light, durable, easy to maintain, resistance to bacteria and fungus and less expensive than stainless steel. Longevity and low cost are the two reasons to assure you a good return on investment.

Research center and laboratories

Laboratories research centers must develop proper procedures to manipulate, protect, store, conserve, transport and deliver test objects and specimens.

Our extensive material handling equipment such as carts of all kind pallet boxes, plastic trays, containers, "Metro" shelves and carts to name but a few are all FEDERAL, MAPAQ, FDA, HACCP and USDA approved allowing to prevent deterioration of test objects and specimens while being displaced, stored or while being prepare for test. Made to measure equipment is also available.

Resistant to humidity, corrosion and chemical products they are easy to clean and disinfect. They are also replacing stainless steel equipment costing a lot more. This will reduce cost while being efficient and durable.