In order to offer you turnkey projects that perfectly meet your needs,
we offer a professional service of plastic welding, focused on precise results and quality.

We have a complete machining and welding workshop to serve you.
We can create, assemble and weld the parts required for your project. Customized welding offers countless possibilities, so our qualified team will take time to analyze and understand your project to validate the feasibility and will offer you different ways to run it.

Our skills and experience, have allowed us over time to earn the trust and recognition of our customers. Today, we are proud of the projects we have accomplished and have been able to help our customers develop their ideas to make them a reality.

When there are particular requirements, such as a bin with very specific dimensions or specifications, it is difficult or probably not impossible to find one already manufactured on the market. Custom design is then a great option to get exactly what is desired.

The materials used are in many cases, perfectly adapted to serve as much in the food, commercial or industrial field. An advisor can guide you in choosing the right materials that will best suit your needs, depending on the content to handle, the conditions of use and the chemical compatibility of the products.


  • Custom manufacturing parts, entirely created from your technical drawing, a sketch or a sample. Our team will realize the project you imagine, so you can enjoy it.
  • Reproduction of existing parts through machining, cutting or welding.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of assemblies adapted to your needs.
  • Turnkey project

* Contact one of our advisors to discuss your project at 450-470-2772 Ext. 1

* Do not hesitate to provide a drawing, a sketch, dimensions or any other relevant information to facilitate the understanding of your project:

Welded Polyethylene (HDPE) Container with Tapered Walls

– Vented walls and base

This plastic container with tapered walls was completely custom-made from a sample provided by the customer. We took the measurements and from there, reproduces the same container to the sample provided. The material used is natural white virgin polyethylene (HDPE). The thickness of the walls and bottom is 1/8 ” and the flange, serving as a handle, is 3/16″ thick. Once everything is welded together, the result gives a very strong and durable container. This plastic tray was designed for a dipping application in the food industry. The cost included drawing, programming, cutting, assembling and welding.

Welded Polyethylene (HDPE) Container with Straight Walls

– Solid walls and bottom

This project was to make a container with solid and smooth walls and bottom, custom-designed from a technical drawing provided by the customer. The dimensions were very strict and they were respected; the result was therefore very conclusive for the customer. This container was made of 3/16″ natural white virgin polyethylene (HDPE) which has a very good resistance to corrosive products. When all the parts are welded together, it gives a very rigid container that will be very durable. The HDPE material was perfect for this kind of industrial using different types of oils, grease and other messy products. The customer wanted a container that could be easily washed.

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