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Home > Spill Contaiment Equipments

Spill Contaiment Equipments

Spill-control pallets, low-profile spill containment platform and drum’s storage cabinets are specifically designed to ensure control of leaks and spills.

While keeping clean and safe your work environment, they prevent surface or soil contamination in the event of leak or rupture. Used mostly with 55-gallon drums, these equipment’s are very versatile and can also be used to prevent potential leaks from batteries, boilers, tanks or other containers. Made of recycled polyethylene, they are resistant to chemical attack from hazardous acids, caustics and solvents. They all meet EPA requirements, SPCC, NFPA 1 for leakage control and respond to IFC codes.


Spill Control Pallets

To handle 55 gallon barrels with a forklift. Available with or without drain.


Spill Containment Platform

Modular spill containment platform without drain. Manipulated by hand.


Drum Storage Systems

Safe lockable storage system for barrels. Ideal for an indoor or outdoor storage.


Spill Control Options and Accessoiries

Access Ramps: Designed for spill-control pallets and drum’s storage cabinets. They