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Home > Plastic Storage Tanks

Plastic Storage Tanks

Full range of plastic tanks for potable water, sap, urea, fertilizers or chemicals.

Choose the desired shape according to the space available and the application you want to do:

We offer different plastic tanks for the transport of water or other liquids like horizontal, rectangular, for pick up or in a cage (totes). Specific in-cage tanks (PTC) are DOT approved for hazardous material transportation. Closed vertical tanks are more dedicated for inside or outside storage. Underground tanks are the only ones that may be buried in the ground. Conical tanks allow complete draining of the content and are easy to clean. Open vertical tanks are mainly used to make mixtures, with or without a mixer, and allow full access to content. Open rectangular tanks are designed for dry contents only. Their walls must be solidified to contain a liquid. Otherwise, all other types of plastic containers allow liquid storage, but none are compatible with petroleum products or derivatives thereof. Whether is it for transportation or storage of potable water or other liquids; product maximum density should not exceed the tank capacity at 21°C. Always validate the maximum density of the chosen tank and its chemical compatibility with the products.  

Download Our Plastic Tank Buyer's Guide (PDF)


Free Standing Horizontal Tanks

For liquid transportation, with
molded-in legs reducing sloshing.
Elliptical or cylindrical shape


Rectangular Utility Tanks

For transportation and storage.
Fixing steel bands available.
Horizontal or vertical models.


Pick-Up Tanks

To fixed between the two fenders of the box. To use and dedicated to pickup. Mushroom shape.


Plastic Totes (IBC)

For transportation or bulk storage. Handled with a forklift or a pallet jack.


Vertical Closed Top Storage Tanks

Used for liquid storage only. Dome or flat top shape. NSF approved for potable water.


Vertical Open Top Storage Tanks

Complete acces to the content. Used for mixtures or as secondary containment. Easy to clean.


Plastic Water Stock Tank

Water basin. Indoor or outdoor use. Model from 189 up to 1136 liters.


Rectangular Open Top Tanks

Designed to contain dry products only. Tanks containing liquid loads require side support.


Double Wall Tanks

Double wall storage tanks reducing the required space of a secondary containment basin.


Secondary containment basins

Collection basins, satisfying environmental régulations. Resistant to chemicals and UV.


Cone Bottom Tanks - Closed Top

Perfect for thick and viscous liquids or for the process of settling out. Stand required.


Cone Bottom Tanks - Open Top

Perfect for mixture, thick and viscous liquids or for the process of settling out. Stand required.

Tank Fittings and Accessories

Tank Fittings and Accessories

A wide variety of options and accessories are available to adapt the plastic tanks according to