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450 471-2772
450 471-2772
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SKU : VFN44970

1295 US Gallons Vertical Closed Top Tank.
2" Outlet INCLUDED

2 903,47 $
Sold : 1 Unit
Sold : 1 Unit

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2 903,47 $
Sold : 1 Unit
Last update : 26 Mar. 2023 21:16
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SKU : VFN44970
  • Attribute name Attribute value
  • Dimensions (Diam. x H) : 84" x 64"
  • Capacity (Gal US) : 1295
  • Capacity (Litre) : 4902
  • Drain included : 2"
  • Lid : 16"
  • Weight (lbs) : 300
  • Relative Density : 1.9
  • Color : Blue
  • Series : VFN Series
  • Material: high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors
  • Molded in one piece
  • Freestanding tank with a flat bottom
  • Dome top tank
  • Screw lid: 16″ with vent (# COUV63485)
  • Outlet included: 2″ polypropylene, threaded FNPT with 2″ siphon
  • Specific gravity: 1.9 (15.8 lb / US Gallon) at 20 °C
  • Walls are translucent white
  • Molded-in graduation in US gallons
  • Resin meets the FDA regulations for potable water storage
  • Maximum storage temperature of 120 °F / 49 °C
  • Above ground use only
  • Can’t be pressurized
  • Product images are for information purposes only. Please check the product description and technical drawing
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Product Files
Guide de résistance aux produits chimiques / Chemical Resistance Guide

We can install additional connections and accessories on our tanks. For a specific installation that meets your needs such as bulkhead fittings, drains, vents, ball valves, flanges and HDPE welded couplings, please contact one of our advisors at 450-471-2772 Ext. 1.

The vertical closed top tanks of the VFN series are very popular because they are versatile and adaptable to many uses and they are the most economical tanks of all models. They are designed for storage applications only, they are not suitable for transport uses. These plastic tanks are manufactured from HDPE with UV inhibitors and can be stored indoor or outdoor. The resin used to manufacture these tanks meets the FDA standards for safe storage of potable water.

At all times, the tanks must be placed on a flat surface as smooth as possible to avoid pressure points that can damage the base. Depending on the model, the tanks are designed to contain liquids up to 1.9 specific gravity. The walls are translucent white or blue for levels viewing and include a molded-in graduation in US gallons. They are equipped with an FNPT drain and a vented screw lid. On models that have a domed top, the cover is shifted close to the wall to provide a better access.

Multipurpose vertical plastic tanks of the VFN series are great for: storing safe drinking water, sap or rainwater, harvesting, chemical storage, liquid management, liquid solution storage, farm irrigation and any other food, industrial or commercial applications.

* All dimensions, specifications and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.