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Business solutions since 1980

Agrico Plastics Ltd is proud to help companies optimize their production, handling, storage, shipping and delivery methods, by offering them adapted and effective plastic equipment appropriate with their various fields of activity.

With our wide variety of specialized equipment of quality, we are committed to offer you suitable and favourable solutions to your development that will maximize your operations and increase your profitability. The Agrico Plastics Ltd commitment is to recommend effective, profitable and sustainable solutions.


Plastic Storage Tanks

Plastic tanks, (FDA and NSF) for potable water, urea, fertilizers etc. For transportation or storage.


Food Grade and Industrial Plastic Containers

Plastic containers , industrial and food grade (FDA or CFIA). Storage, distribution .


Plastic Pallets

Food plastic pallets, (FDA) and industrial plastic pallets. Nestable, stackable or rack.


Plastic pallet boxes

CFIA plastic pallet boxes. Perforated or solid walls. Combo bins for bulk storage, farming food-processing, handling or storage.

Folding pallet boxes (Bulk containers)

Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers

Industrial plastic containers, collapsible walls , 2 access doors. For storage and shipping.

Stationary or mobile Metro shelvings

Metro Shelving™ - Stationary or Mobile

Plastic, stainless steel, epoxy or chrome shelving system. FIXED or MOBILE units. For food or industrial applications.


Utility and service carts

Plastic, stainless steel or chrome shelves carts. Plastic-box trucks for liquids or dry goods. Industrial or food grade carts.

Spill Contaiment Equipments

Spill Contaiment Equipments

Used in the hazardous and chemicals industries. Pallets, platforms and storage system.


Food Plastic Shovels

Certified food shovels FDA/HACCP. For bulk products, ice or other industrial products.

PVC tiles and anti-fatigue mats

PVC Floor Tiles and Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mats

Colored plastic or PVC tiles to identify a work area. Solid or perforated surface, anti-fatigue and slip resistant. For dry or wet locations.