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450 471-2772

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Wide variety of plastic equipment that meets FDA standards for food contact.



Technical expertise - Field experience - Expert advices - Product customization

Extensive knowledge of equipment and different plastics - Help with product selection 


Accompanying service

Since 1980, we have been helping companies increase their efficiency
by smoothly integrating our equipment into their daily operations.

Agrico Plastics is your best resource for finding the right plastic equipment to facilitate and optimize your material handling, storage and transportation processes.

  • We are plastic specialists, experienced consultants who know very well our products and those of the competition
  • We can explain why we recommend you a product; tell you why this type of bin, pallet or tank for example, would best suit your needs
  • We know the benefits and weaknesses of the suggested products and we can explain under what circumstances it is wise, or less recommended to use them
  • We are able to compare equipment to isolate specific features that will benefit your application
  • We have the right plastic equipment to work appropriately with all types of products; dry, liquid, food, industrial or chemical

you benefit from solid expertise, judicious advice
and you get the right solutions that will give you complete satisfaction.

We analyze your need to find
the best solution for your project.

Do not waste your time searching the countless existing websites or product catalogues of different suppliers;
Contact us directly!


We are specialists at your service;
We select the right equipment perfectly adapted to your application:

  • We have an overview of existing products on the market
  • Knowledge of your industry and your challenges
  • We consider all angles of your project before recommending an equipment

Our great expertise and rich experience has built us a solid reputation.

Our customers are loyal and trust us because we offer them much more than just a catalogue of products. We listen to them to understand their needs, we support them with useful advice and we find them solutions which are fully consistent with their objectives

Consultation Image

Our philosophy

We listen to you, understand you and find the ideal solution for you!

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, challenges and goals.
Our main objective is to offer them the best plastic equipment that fully meets their requirements to facilitate their operations and make them more profitable.

Evaluation of projects

It’s the entire project that we evaluate to be able to recommend you the most suitable product for your specific situation; in your sector of activity,
appropriate to your working conditions and that meet your restrictions and regulations.

Find the right plastic equipment to:

  • Improve the process and time dedicated to your handling, storage and shipping operations
  • Maximize usable space in your plant, warehouse, refrigerator, freezer and transport truck
  • Optimize freshness of your products, extend their conservation time and reduce food products losses
  • Protect your products during their handling and transportation and reduce part breakage, hassle and expenses associated with losing or replacing them
  • Improve the efficiency of your operations, while improving your corporate image with colourful or identified plastic equipment.
  • And much more!


to make things easier for your employees, optimize your productivity and reach a higher level of performance!

When custom made is the solution!

Since you are unique, your needs can be too. We have access to manufacturing processes that allow us to modify an existing product to better suit your needs,
or to create custom-made equipment for you.

By plastic welding;
this process allows to modify an existing product or to add welded accessories on it, for example; adding an 8″ diameter flange to a tank or increase the height of a pallet box to obtain a larger volume.

By vacuum thermoforming process;
a plastic sheet is heated and then vacuum-deposited on a mold to create the needed part. This is the most flexible and low-cost manufacturing process, when we need to create a mold, when small quantities of pieces are required or short production time is needed.

Quickly find what you are looking for!


Use the filters to refine your results and see the product detail page for more information


Consult our purchasing guides and specific documentation on the desired product


Go to the shopping cart to make a purchase
or to print a quote

Need assistance? Contact us at 450 471-2772


Our advice, our equipment; your satisfaction!

I am a landscaper, I needed a tank to transport water to my customers to achieve more contracts. I bought one from an online retailer, without really being advised. The tank was doing the job, but its shape did not allow me to put all my other work equipment in my truck and it was not big enough for me to complete my day. I had to go back to refill the tank and my transportation costs exploded. I contacted Agrico Plastics and a sales consultant asked me several questions to understand my situation. Thanks to the tank and set up he has recommended, I can now do all my projects with one full tank and bring everything I need with me.

My purchase has been profitable in one season!

Jean-Louis Frenet


We had to replace our fleet of pallets in our three racking systems; those of the cold room, the freezer and the warehouse. I was looking for a food grade and rackable pallet, suitable for the three places. I asked for three quotes in total, including one at Agrico Plastics. Their seller asked me a lot of questions before recommending a pallet, something the other two didn’t do. He also explained why he was suggesting this pallet in particular. Seeing his expertise and professionalism, I decided to tell him about the other two quotes I received from his competitors. To my surprise, he knew both pallets they were suggesting; one was not food grade and the other one was not rackable! So, either the inspectors would have audited me for non-food compliance and forced me to replace them again, or a serious accident could have happened if one of the pallets had given up, and fell off the rack, because it was not designed for my racking system! Thanks to Agrico Plastics expertise, I have made an appropriate and safe purchase!

Jacques Ouellet

Warehouse Manager

To accept more contracts, my challenge was to increase the space of my packaging and palletizing operations at the end of the assembly line. But I also lacked space in the warehouse to store my products before shipping them. I was looking for a solution, but I was lost among all the products on the Web. I contacted Agrico Plastics and a consultant asked me questions about each stage of my operations to understand them. Based on what I explained to her, she made a selection for me, to finally offer me a complete different product of what I was looking for; a foldable bulk bin. Not only working with foldable bulk containers has made my operations easier and faster, it has also maximized my warehouse and lowered my shipping costs. I really increased my performance!

Marc Prégent


SAME DAY SHIPPING and PICK UP ! / Stock items, ordered before 11 a.m.