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Plastic Water Stock Tank



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The water stock tanks are mainly used as a water basin to create a potable drinking water trough for animals, a water garden or an indoor or outdoor aquarium. 

  • The water storage tanks are oval in shape, with smooth edges and rounded ends for safe use.
  • The tanks are made from a single molded piece, without welding, and have molded ribs in the walls, which give structure and avoid deformation of the basin, improve solidity, as well as durability over time.
  • These open plastic ponds can even stay filled all winter, because the walls resist the pressure created by the frozen water, which pushes on the walls.
  • These plastic tanks are made of UV-treated polyethylene, which prevents the plastic from deteriorating, discoloring or cracking in the sun.
  • Because they are designed by the process of injection molding and structural foam, they are very resistant to shocks and cracks.
  • They are resistant to bad weather, very hot or very cold temperatures, as well as sudden changes in temperature ranging from -28°C to 49°C.



  • These plastic tanks can be installed directly on the ground, on a firm and flat base, so they do not require any additional support.

  • However, they are not designed to be completely buried in the ground.

  • All models larger than 100 US gallons have a 1-1/2" drain that makes cleaning easier by allowing gravity draining.

  • A 1-1/4" ball valve can be added to the drain to connect a hose or a pump.

  • No cover is available for winterizing.

  • They are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

For more information, you can check out the Tanks FAQ section as well as the information guide on plastic tanks.


Inventory in REAL TIME ! Pickup and Shipping the SAME DAY !  (Ordered placed before 11 a.m.)