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The company

Your reference and business partner since 1980.

At Agrico Plastics Ltd, our mission is to help companies optimize their methods of production, handling, warehousing, shipping and delivery by offering quality plastic equipment, adapted to the different fields of activity and that complies with food standard regulations when required.

It is with our great expertise, as much in the field of plastic, as in our knowledge and understanding of all equipment that we are offering, that we are THE reference of choice for companies wishing to acquire the perfect equipment that is specifically adapted to their needs and applications.

Through a wide variety of industrial and food grade plastic products, we are committed to offer efficient solutions, favorable to your development, that will maximize your operations and increase your profitability.

We are a company close to our customers, always looking to improve our general service and customer satisfaction. We offer a complete website, technical support, relevant advice and complete solutions to improve your processes.


  • Listening attentively to the needs of our customers
  • Support our customers with judicious, accurate and relevant advice
  • Properly evaluate projects in order to suggest effective and profitable solutions
  • Offer quality, adequate and sustainable equipment
  • Innovate with custom solutions that really meet our customer’s objectives
  • Maintain an impeccable customer service

Our values

  • Honesty, integrity and respect
  • Respect of our commitments
  • Excellence in our customer service
  • Involvement in the search for innovative solutions for our customers
  • Continuous improvement of our offer and service
  • Responsibility towards our customers, suppliers and partners

Our way to do

Listen, question, deepen, share, advise, inform:

… Our team is there to listen, understand and help you.

Adequate, favorable, functional, efficient, adapted to your reality:

… Our team provides business proposal focused on your needs to achieve your goals.

Problem solving, interesting alternatives, great options, precise explanations, informed decisions:

… Thanks to the expertise and experience of our team, you get concrete and profitable results.

Our approach is attentive, personalized and complete.
To offer you the right equipment, we ask the right questions to fully understand your needs, evaluate your work environment and identify your goals. We ask questions like: which type of content, application, working environment, temperature of use, available space, dimensions or volume required, type of handling, storage space, for internal use or in transit, employee safety, standards to be met, etc.

We are more than just a product supplier, we offer thoughtful solutions.
Regardless of the type of material to be treated, whether it is liquid, solid, industrial, food or chemical, we know how to combine the right equipment, for the right use, for the right content and that, because we know very well our products. For each one, we can easily identify features that are favorable or restrictive for your application, inform you about their functioning or if necessary, offer you an alternative. Also, we are familiar with the requirements, the constraints and the popular regulations of the various sectors of activity, we are therefore able to make an overall evaluation of your project before making a proposal. We work with you to help you achieve your business objectives in terms of profitability, performance and improvement of your safety or hygiene level.

Nous travaillons avec vous, dans le but de vous permettre d’atteindre vos objectifs d’entreprise tant au niveau de votre profitabilité, de votre performance que de l’amélioration de votre niveau de sécurité ou d’hygiène.

Benefits for our customers

Agrico Plastics Ltd. is an ally for all companies wishing to straighten their operations for greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Improve your operations and benefit from greater productivity
  • Manage a better use of space and get more out of your warehouse
  • Save time on packing and unpacking and increase your pace
  • Reduce your production costs by opting for reusable equipment
  • Maximize your transport trucks and reduce your shipping or delivery costs
  • Prevent part breakage, which could get damaged during handling or transportation and enjoy peace of mind
  • Improve your processes while improving your corporate image

With our modern and innovative ideas, we make sure to explore various avenues by taking into account your current and future needs, in order to expose you the best solution that will optimize your current processes, while supporting your growth for several years.

We specialize in the supply of HACCP, CFIA or FDA plastic equipment that complies with food standard regulations. We offer a wide range of equipment for all types of solid or liquid materials. We have a great choice of plastic tanks suitable for the transportation or storage of various liquids such as drinking water, maple sap, fertilizers, urea, chemicals, etc.

We also offer robust and efficient industrial equipment, facilitating the handling of parts of all kinds, freeing up warehouses and maximizing transport.


It is with our great expertise, our rich experience, our dynamism and our great dedication that our company has forged a solid reputation in the market. Our sincere, honest and professional approach has earned us the trust of customers across Canada.

In close collaboration with our customers, we can discuss their ideas and needs in order to provide them with the ideal product that will fully meet their requirements.

Our possibilities for modifying existing products or customizing new ones are impressive and the results are conclusive for our customers.

We invite you to contact us today, so that you can benefit from the know-how of our company.

Activity area

Because we consider the real needs to be filled and we respect the individual restrictions related to each of the business areas, we are a recognized supplier in the following sectors of activity:

  • Industrial
  • Food plant
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Distribution centers
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Manufactures
  • Hospitals
  • Health centers
  • Cities
  • Mines
  • Engineering
  • And more

We offer quality products

  • Plastic tanks for the transportation or storage of liquids such as: drinking water, maple sap, urea, fertilizer, chemicals, etc.
  • Food grade plastic pallets or industrial pallets, export pallets, drum pallets and retention pallets for leaks or chemicals
  • Food-grade or industrial-grade bins with solid or vented walls, mobile ingredient bins, “Brute” containers and sand or salt storage bins
  • Pallet boxes with solid or vented walls, foldable pallet boxes or customized pallet boxes (heightened, casters, with access doors, etc.).
  • Shelving systems made of 100% plastic, stainless steel, wire mesh or epoxy coated metal
  • Food-grade meat and food carts, industrial-grade poly-box trucks, utility carts built with plastic or wired shelves
  • Spill management equipment, cabinet for drums, low profile spill containment platform and forkliftable spill control pallets
  • PVC floor tiles and anti-fatigue mats
  • Customized products and accessories
  • And much more!

SAME DAY SHIPPING and PICK UP ! / Stock items, ordered before 11 a.m.