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1000 Liters TOTE IBC, Closed-top rectangular, Closed-top vertical, Conical bottom, Open top rectangular, Open-top Vertical, Double walls, Water storage tanks, Retention basin, Water stock tank

Not sure what you need?
We can help you!

We have A VERY LARGE choice of

Because we work closely with many different manufacturers of tanks, we offer the largest selection of models, shapes, dimensions and volumes.

More than just a supplier, we are experienced front-line consultants specialized in plastic tanks:

  • We know well all our products: their characteristics, their uses and all the accessories that are included or optional
  • We know our manufacturers: the variety and quality of their products, warranties, certifications and manufacturing delays
  • We confirm that the selected tank is suitable for your use and meets the standards of your industry
  • We validate the density and chemical compatibility of liquids and tanks for a safe combination
  • We inform you about everything you need to know; the various ways to fill it, use it, transport it, empty it and accessorize it
  • We offer various accessories and custom assemblies to adapt the tank to your project and to have it ready for use upon receipt

you get solutions to increase
your efficiency and profitability.

We offer you more than tanks

We evaluate your needs from every angle to determine which tank will best optimize your space and performance It is our philosophy to come up with smart, effective and sustainable solutions.

Because we know our products very well, we are able to:

  • Tell you under what circumstances it is wise or less recommended using certain types of tanks
  • Explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each tank, in order to isolate the specific features that will benefit your use
  • Find you exactly the same tank, or interchange, when replacing or adding equipment
  • Recommend you the best tank adapted to different types of products, whether they are food, industrial or chemical
  • Find you a tank that has the required certifications to meet your industry standards
  • Inform you about the components included with the tank, optional accessories and custom-made modifications


It is necessary to be vigilant in the selection of your tank and its components…

A bad combination such as the shape of the tank, its equipment, its usage, its temperature of use, its chemical compatibility, its density, a missing certification, or even a connection badly adapted to the application or to the product, could all have regrettable consequences.

It is essential to use the right tank according to the purpose you intent to use it to work productively, safely and without worry.

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Our commitment:
your complete satisfaction

We offer a variety of personalized equipment on our tanks to ensure maximum performance!

Mistakes are expensive and very unpleasant for everyone… you can avoid them!
We want to make sure that the tank you will get will perfectly satisfy you now, and for a long time. That’s why each of your orders is checked by one of our specialists, even if it is a single article. No tank is shipped to you without the confirmation that it is appropriate to your application and meet the required standards. It is our service, our guarantee of quality, for a guaranteed satisfaction.

The + of agrico plastics

You have a lot of benefits of doing business with us:

  • You don’t need a part number to contact us, we can make the selection with you
  • You benefit from definite expertise and great advice
  • You can easily reach us by phone to talk to someone who can help you or send your request online
  • You benefit from a personalized service and large inventory of products
  • You have the possibility to obtain a custom assembly
  • We think about proposing all the necessary accessories that complement your tank to avoid a lack of parts or a delay in starting your project
  • We can help you select the tank that will offer you the maximum benefits at the best quality price.
  • We offer a human, professional and courteous service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: you are at the heart of our daily life, we work for you and with you!
  • We support you with a complete website, filled with relevant information, purchasing guides, technical drawings and selection tools

The + of plastic tanks

Plastic tanks are very interesting equipment; they are easily accessible, versatile and long-lasting.

  • Less expensive and lighter than stainless steel, easy to handle and maintain
  • Resistant to temperature variations and suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Designed for food, industrial or chemical products
  • Easy to wash for a proper sanitation or for a different usage
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and capacities to better suit your application and optimize your space
  • Large inventory; easily accessible
  • Variety of accessories or custom complements offered to better meet your need
  • Volumes ranging from 95 liters (25 US gal) to 75,660 liters (20,000 US gal)


  • You respect the environment
  • You work more efficiently
  • You save money

We find you the winning combination

We have hundreds of tank models to meet all types of needs. The right tank, for the right product, for the right use!

Type of tank:

  • Vertical: open or closed top
  • Vertical cone bottom: open or closed top
  • Rectangular: open or closed top
  • Secondary containment basin
  • Horizontal: round or elliptical
  • Vertical double wall
  • For pickup truck
  • Tote (IBC)
  • Oval water basin
  • Underground

Type of product:

  • Food, industrial or chemical
  • Maple sap, potable water or wastewater
  • Dyes, aroma, wine, beer, juice, etc.
  • Oily, dense, thick or viscous liquid
  • Liquid with particles or deposits
  • Liquid feed, fertilizer and urea
  • Insecticide and herbicide
  • Urea for diesel engine
  • Solvent and soap
  • Chemical or corrosive products

Type of use:

  • Storing
  • Transporting
  • Recover liquids or leaks
  • Decanting
  • Mixing
  • Preparing mixtures

SAME DAY SHIPPING and PICK UP ! / Stock items, ordered before 11 a.m.