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About us

Our mission

Centered on innovation and customer service we make to measure and distribute plastic material handling and storage equipment design for specific use in all of our activity sectors.


Our values

We propose durable and efficient solutions for handling or storage for customer’s equipment taking in consideration the real needs, specifications and restrictions related to the activity sector he is involve with not forgetting budget constraint.

Profits for our customer

By our wide variety, availability and the quality of our products specifically selected or made on measure in our plants, we commit to propose to you the appropriate solution in order to better yours operations, save you time and energy, improve your productivity, save, space, reduce cost related to damage goods during handling or transport.

Our expertise

Since 1980 we specialize in distribution, made to measure equipment (either by thermoforming or blow moulding) to modify standard equipment to suite the need of the customer in order to protect their merchandise during handling or storage. Containers, pallets, pallet boxes, combos, shelves, trays, carts, covers and dividers are but a few products we offer.

Our possibility to develop new equipment is impressive and the results are conclusive.

In close contact with our customers we can elaborate on there ideas and there needs in order to supply the ideal product

We also distribute a wide range of ready-made equipment such as: pails, tanks, environmental equipment to handle barrels, floor tiles, shovels and scoops, plastic pallets, containers, storage, bins & storage systems and expendable conveyors.

We strive in the following sectors: food harvesting and transformation, aeronautical, pharmaceutical, restaurant, hotel, institution, hospital, laboratories, research centers, chemical plants, distribution centers.

In time we have acquired a solid reputation due to our competence, our experience, our customer service and dynamism. We invite you to call us today to profit from our knowledge and willingness to serve