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450 471-2772
450 471-2772
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SKU : I10000-20000

Bulkhead Fitting Installation Fee
On Tank of 10000 US Gallons and +

395,00 $
Sold : Per unit
Sold : Per unit

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395,00 $
Sold : Per unit
Last update : 26 Mar. 2023 05:52
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Upcoming units : 0
For more units: 1 per installation
SKU : I10000-20000
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The fitting can be used as an inlet, drain, overflow, as an additional connection to connect piping, or, even to connect equipment such as a pump, etc.

  • The price is per installation of a single item
  • For a screwed or bolted fitting, or a vent
  • Installed on a 1000 to 2999 US Gallon tank


  • A hole is drilled directly in the wall of the tank according to the indications of the technical drawing that the customer will have sent to us *
  • We don't drill into the cover, it can break
  • The fitting is installed firmly in place with its gasket inside
  • The inside of the tank is cleaned to remove debris

** You must print the technical drawing of the tank and draw on it the location of the fitting or vent to be installed.

  • Send us your drawing by email to
  • See full instructions in the PDF located in the "Resource" tab at the bottom of the tank detail page.